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Jewish War Veterans of the USA

North Shore Post 29


Members of Post 29 joined the families in welcoming home
the 940th Transpotation Company, Army Reserve, at the
end of their deployment to Afghanistan, August 2010.




If you served in the United States military, especially during times of conflict and stress, you probably remember that special feeling when you met a fellow Jewish service member.  Whether your military experience is remembered fondly today, or something less, the instant kinship you felt back then was a morale boost of a very special kind.  There was shared enthusiasm to learn about each other, to share family histories and geographies, and to tell each other of your Jewish and service experiences.  For most if not all of us, it was an interesting and uplifting meeting.

The Jewish War Veterans of the United States is a service and fraternal organization of men and women who served proudly, and share a bond of experience unique amount their peers.  As an organization, we support current active duty personnel and their families, both Jewish and non-Jewish, carrying forward the tradition of helpfulness that many of us experienced during our time in the military.  We support Jewish American values of service, honor, education, fairness, and caring for each other.  We fight anti-Semitism in the service and in our communities.

We’re organized locally and meet monthly through the year to maintain our educational programs and to listen to topical speakers prominent in their fields.  We plan our service projects and activities, and keep up with current affairs and each other.

There are other men and women’s groups with similar goals and activities, but none can match the unique and special bond of shared experience and background of the members of the JWV.  If you would like to learn more, please contact us.  We are always glad to meet another Jew who served this great country of ours.

The Jewish War Veterans, organized in 1896, is the nation’s oldest veteran’s organization.  Originally founded as the Hebrew War Veterans by southern veterans during the Civil War to counter the widely held belief that Jews wouldn’t bear the brunt of combat.

JWV is organized in local Posts in cities around the United States.

The Jewish War Veterans of North Shore Post 29 meet each month at 7:00 p.m. on the third Tuesday at:

Temple Solel
1301 Clavey Road
Highland Park, IL 60035
Telephone 847-433-3555